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Vitamin E

  • E Number: NULL
  • HS Code: 2936280000
  • Shelf life: 24 months
  • Qty in 20' FCL: 11000KG
  • MOQ: 500KG
  • Package:20 KG/DRUM

Storage: Kept in dry, cool, and shaded place with original packaging, avoid moisture.

Standart: The goods conform to the standards of USP36

Specifications: 98% Oil FOOD GRADE/95% Oil FEED GRADE


 In food/pharmacy industry:

As a natural antioxidant inside cells, supplies oxygen to blood, which is carried to the heart and other organs; thus alleviating fatigue; aids in bringing nourishment to cells.

As an antioxidant and nutrition fortifier which is different to the synthetic on components, structure, physical characteristics and activity. It has rich nutrition and high security, and is prone to be absorbed by human body. In feed and poultry feed industry.

As dietary supplements and in food technology as Vitamins.

Acts as an antioxidant controlling redox reactions in a variety of tissues and organs.

Also provide protection against pulmonary oxygen poisoning. In cosmetics industry.

Improves microcirculation of the skin.

Protects against U.V irradiations.

Maintains natural moisture of skin.



Items Standards
Appearance Slightly yellow
Assay by GC ≥98.0%
Identity Corresponds
Density 0.952-0.966g/ml
Refractive index 1.494-1.498
Acitdity Max.1.0ml of 0.1 NaOH
Sulphated ashes Max.0.1%
Yeast & mold Not more than 100cfu/g
E.Coli Negative( in 10g)
Salmonella Negative (in 25g)
Heavy metals Max.10 ppm
Lead Max.2 ppm
Arsenie Max.3 ppm
Free tocopherol Max.1.0%
Organic volatile impurities Meets USP requirements


 For Food:

Pastry / baked foods / dairy products / drinks / candy

For Feed:
Pet cans, animal feed

Drugs, health care products

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