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Ferrous Gluconate

  • E Number: E579
  • HS Code: 2918160000
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • Qty in 20' FCL: 18000KG
  • MOQ: 1000KG
  • Package:25 KGS/BAG

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place and Keep away from strong light and heat

Standart: The product conforms to the standard of Food Grade

Specifications: Food Grade


 Iron(II) gluconate, or ferrous gluconate,is a black compound often used as an iron supplement. It is the iron(II) salt of gluconic acid. It is marketed under brand names such as Fergon, Ferralet, and Simron.

Ferrous gluconate is effectively used in the treatment of hypochromic anemia. The use of this compound compared with other iron preparations results in satisfactory reticulocyte responses, a high percentage utilization of iron, and daily increase in hemoglobin that a normal level occurs in a reasonably short time.

Ferrous gluconate is also used as a food additive when processing black olives. It is represented by the food labeling E number E579 in Europe. It imparts a uniform jet black colour to the olives.



Items Standards
Assay(Based on dry basis) 97.0%~102.0%
Identification AB(+)
Loss on drying 6.5%~10.0%
Chloride 0.07% Max.
Sulfate 0.1% Max.
Arsenic 3ppm Max.
Bulk Density(kg/m3) 650-850
PH(@ 20 deng c) 4.0-5.5
Mercury 3ppm Max.
Lead 10ppm Max.
Fe 3+ 2.0% Max.
Reducing Sugar No red Percipitate
Organic Volatile Impurities Meet the requirements
Total Aerobic Count 1000/g Max.
Total Molds 100/g Max.
Total Yeasts 100/g Max.
E-Coli Absent
Salmonella Absent
Oxalic acid Negative


 For Food:
In the food it can be used as color care for pickled vegetables (olives only), and can be used as a drug to treat anemia

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