Sales Manager


Job Responsibilities:

1. To be responsible for the development and management of new clients, to explore overseas markets through new channels such as exhibitions, networks and foreign trade business platforms, and to tap new customers;
2. Responsible for the maintenance, execution and management of customer's sales process, including the quotation, order and delivery, as well as the prompt handling of emergencies;
3. Responsible for market information collection, for the feedback of competitor information and to maintain customer files;
4. To complete the monthly, quarterly and yearly regional sales plan, and to report the works regularly.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, more than 1 year foreign trade sales experience, chemical industry experience is preferred;
2. Listening and writing proficiency in English, with excellent business correspondence skills;
3. Excellent communication skills and problem solving skills,
4. Teamwork and self-development capabilities, able to withstand a certain amount of work pressure.


Product Manager (Purchasing Post)


Job Responsibilities:

1. With sensitivity to official policies and markets, predict market trends and formulate product strategic plans and sales plans;
2. Study and research products in-depth, to help the sales department in mining and tracking customer needs;
3. Develop and evaluate new suppliers, and to maintain the relationship between strategic suppliers;
4. Regular visits to suppliers, collect suggestions from suppliers, and understand industry trends;
5. Analysis of internal and external needs and suggestions, propose optimization recommendations of supply chain management;
6. Responsible for the negotiation of the purchase order of the company and deal with the anomalies in the fulfillment of orders and customer complaints.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, food bioengineering, chemical and supply chain related major;
2. More than two years of procurement experience, food additives industry priority;
3. Have keen market insight, logic thinking, and strong anti-pressure capability;
4. Excellent communication, coordination and execution capability, with responsibility and dedication;
5. Proficient use of Office software, familiar with EXCEL PivotTable function;
6. Familiar with related financial and logistics knowledge of foreign trade procurement process.


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