Customized solutions

Embedded vanillin for fragrance and spices (new technology, low cost)

Suitable for high-fat and high-temperature baking products, can be a perfect alternative to traditional vanillin, with a lower amount to achieve the same level of aroma.

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Comprehensive solution of organic trace elements in livestock and poultry

This product is made from oligosaccharides and various trace elements chelate, with excellent palatability, sweet taste, fast absorption, good utilization, high purity, good stability and so on. It is easy to use and safe, can completely replace the inorganic trace elements. It is low cost, and environmentally friendly, can solve the problem of excessive trace elements of heavy metals, while not breaking the feed enzymes, antibiotics, vitamins and probiotics nutrients.

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SP cake oil products solution

In short time eggs can be labeled into bubbles, generally mixing time is 3-4 minutes, the whole process is about 7-10 minutes.The size of baked cake can be increased by 10% to 20% compared to the absence of SP cake oil.The baked cake structure is delicate, uniform, good taste, the texture is particularly significant improvement.It can highlight the cake flavor, and gives a smoothy taste.

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Compound nutrition enhancer

Taurin is the main nutritional supplements, together with other raw materials to help meet the comprehensive sport trend.

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Compound sweetener solution

This product is mixed with Sucralose, Aspartame, Acesulfame K and other materials. It is sweet and stable with good taste. It can be used alone, but also with other sweeteners mixed together to achieve more satisfactory results.

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Dietary Cookies Solution

As the dietary fiber has features of water absorption and oil holding, adding this product can make cookies with soft, bulky taste, and also can effectively reduce the fat and calories.

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Compound Vitamin Solution

The compound nutrition enhancer is a fortified version of the established formulation, the final product is a pre-configured mixed feedstock. The combination of nutrients is with advantages of enhanced nutritions, easy to add in process, procurement procedures simplified, easy to store, reduce waste, save time and so on. It has been more and more popular among the majority of food and health care products manufacturers, and is becoming the food additives industry's new "bright spot."

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Flour products quality improver

This product is a new type of pasta quality improver, compound with high-quality phosphates, colloid, and enzyme preparation. The product is dissolved in water to mixed with flour, or it can be added directly into the flour. It can effectively improve the noodles elasticity and extensibility.

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Solution of high temperature sausage products

This product is composed of carrageenan and other synergistic natural colloidal compound, with high viscosity, high strength and other characteristics; it has strong ability to combine with soy protein, starch and other accessories, excellent water retention, and can significantly improve the yield of meat products, with a certain thickening and high temperature emulsification stability. In particular, it can effectively reduce the starch return rate for the chopped meat products to provide structural support.

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BCAA tablet

The branched amino acids (BCAA), as nitrogen carriers, assist in the synthesis of other amino acids required for muscle synthesis, with very good resistance to decomposition. As they contribute to the prevention of protein breakdown and muscle loss, BCAA is very important for the people who are in the front stage of diet. Tablets form is to facilitate the use of consumers.

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