SP cake oil products solution


In short time eggs can be labeled into bubbles, generally mixing time is 3-4 minutes, the whole process is about 7-10 minutes.The size of baked cake can be increased by 10% to 20% compared to the absence of SP cake oil.The baked cake structure is delicate, uniform, good taste, the texture is particularly significant improvement.It can highlight the cake flavor, and gives a smoothy taste.



1. Cake: 3% -5% of flour, but not more than 3% of the total finished product
2. Bread: 1%-2% of flour
3. Taiwanese-style moon cake: 5% of flour
4. Cantonese-style moon cake: 0.3% of flour
5. Tide-type moon cake: 5% of crisp flour


1.SP cake oil can be added less than ordinary cake oil reduced by 1-2% to help you save costs
2. Make cake fast, fast mixing time, only 3-4 minutes
3. make a good cake texture, good taste, starting high, fragrant concentration
4. you can use SP cake oil to produce many high-quality baking products.


Cake, bread goods, moon cake.


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