Big achievement on FIC 2017

 FIC 2017 comes to a successful conclusion. Congratulations!

This year, 1009 domestic exhibitors located in 5.2Hall, part of 6.1Hall and 6.2 Hall have been participated in this exhibition, which have displayed 23 categories of Food Additives, 35 categories of Food Ingredients and a variety of food processing products and machine.

It is first FIC show for Foodchem after its 10 year anniversary, we prepare something new for both our customers and suppliers:

  1. 1. New logo
  2. 2. More professional and international sales team

  4. 3. Inhouse and joint venture factories, and our Gelatin and Functional Animal protein factory special have a 42 „é°showroom 



Through this fair, we have communicated with our customers and suppliers, trying to make a greater achievement in our cooperation.

Expecting better FIC 2018 and better Foodchem.


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