Health: Do Drink a Cup of Water With Lemon as Soon as You Wake Up

Last week, MirandaKerr talked about how she starts every day with a cup of warm water with lemon.And she's not the only one: Lauren Conrad is a fan, as is chef Sarah Britton,and rumor has it Jennifer Aniston is too.Here's why...




Experts say thatthe simple act of sleep can pull water from your body, leaving you dehydrated.Citric acid—what's in lemon juice—helps the body's enzymes function, which inturn can stimulate your liver and help it detox. And the clean water helpsreturn hydration to your body, while flushing out your kidneys. People whodrink lemon water in the morning report that they experience a big mental boostand have increased energy!


Plus, it's filledwith vitamin C—one lemon has 187 percent the amount you need in a day—which isa great antioxidant that helps boost your immune system.


To unleash thesebenefits, add the juice from half a freshly squeezed lemon to a glass of warmwater (warm is apparently easier for your body to process than cold).


What do you think?Have you tried warm lemon water in the morning? Will you now?



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