Plant-based protein craze drives renewed interest in peanut flour

While peanut flour has been around for years, recent interest in protein - particularly the plant-based variety - has sparked renewed interest, particularly in the nutritional bars market, according to one leading supplier.

Although peanuts generally contain about 25% protein, peanut flour contains 40-50% protein depending on how much fat has been removed.

28% fat peanut flour delivers a more-pronounced peanut flavor, while 12% fat flour is best for high-protein, low-fat applications like nutritional and snack bars, Golden Peanut Company VP Specialty Products Bruce Kotz told FoodNavigator-USA.

“We’ve seen steady growth in peanut flour for years, but the recent interest in protein, and plant-based protein in particular, has been a key sales driver for us recently.

“Protein has become a real buzzword. People are recognizing that it fills you up, and keeps you feeling fuller for longer, and peanuts are a great source of plant-based protein.

“There is also a lot of interest from companies looking at protein blends, as peanut works well in combination with other proteins such as soy and whey - and it tastes a lot nicer.”

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